The Tinkerbell costume is no longer reserved for Halloween parties. You can wear it to any fancy dress, birthday, or fairy-themed party. The really good thing is that they are excellent clothing options for both girls and women who want to highlight their charm and playfulness.

Tinkerbell is one of the most portrayed Disney characters. In fact, she is the symbol of Disney magic, even though she was created by JM Barrie in his fictional 1904 Peter Pan. Still, the image of the pixie we have today is due to the work of Disney animator Marc Davis and his team.

The fairy can really turn happiness into magic and make everyone around her fly. She is that charming, smiling and cheerful person that we all want to be. At the same time, she is strong and has a mind of her own like all modern girls. It has been suggested that the character is actually sexually suggestive, but this has not negatively affected her reputation. On the contrary, now all the girls want to be Tinkerbell regardless of her age.

The classic Tinkerbell costume for girls has a sparkly petal tutu skirt. Petal colors range from green and white to light pink and purple to create a totally whimsical appeal. The upper part of the dress is the typical green color of the character. The sleeves are embellished with layers of tulle in different colors. No dress would be complete without a pair of beautifully embellished sheer wings in white, light green or pink.

If you want your child to have a more modern Tinkerbell costume, you can opt for any of the models inspired by the recent Tink and the Fairy Rescue movie. You can easily choose between knee length dresses in bright blue and purple. There are even costumes with knee length pants and empire waist tops. The most vigorous and active girls will love them as they allow more movement during a party.

Ladies can choose from some really sexy Tinkerbell costumes. A green and gold mini dress with a sweetheart neckline and the classic cropped hem typical of Tink’s original outfit is a great choice. Of course, you can always go for a dress with a tutu skirt and corset. All models come with wings so you will get the perfect combination between flirty and innocent.

Be sure to accessorize your Tinkerbell costume with a pair of elegant ballet flats in a beautiful light green colour. Don’t forget your wand that will help you cast a spell on everyone at the party.

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