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Online Activities for Team Training and Team Building

Online Activities for Team Training

Online team building activities can be a fun way to break away from spreadsheets, get some fresh air and bond as a group. They can also be used for team training and learning. These virtual activities can include anything from quick online games to unique, shippable experiences your team will enjoy together. They can be synchronous, meaning everyone participates in the same experience at the same time, or asynchronous, which means that participants complete the activities on their own schedule.

One of the easiest online team activities is a game night using video conference software. Many popular board and card games have online versions that you can play over video conference. A five-minute game of Word Association can stimulate creativity, test your vocabulary, and show how different people think differently. Object Memory is another simple yet effective online team-building game that will train your brains and build communication skills.

Another fun and free virtual Teamtraining activity is a vision board party. During this virtual event, each participant creates a vision board with photos and words that reflect their personal and professional goals. They can then share their vision boards with the team to spark motivation and inspire collaboration.

Online Activities for Team Training and Team Building

A curated virtual tasting experience or a relaxing virtual happy hour is another online team-building activity that will engage your team and help them connect over shared interests. These unique virtual experiences can be shipped directly to your team members’ homes so they don’t have to leave the comfort of their couches. Whether they’re learning how to make dim sum, creating their own dream catcher or whipping up a cocktail with a master mixologist, these virtual experiences are sure to be memorable.

Virtual escape rooms are another fun and interactive online team-building experience that will help your remote team improve communication and solve problems. These immersive and exciting adventures allow teams to work together remotely to find clues, break out of a cabin or reclaim their kingdom within a set amount of time.

Oftentimes, the hardest part of working remotely is getting to know your coworkers. A virtual team-building activity like a show-and-tell will give everyone the chance to get to know their teammates outside of work. Whether they’re showing off a pet, a new hobby or a favorite quote, this is an opportunity for each employee to showcase their personality and learn more about each other.

If you’re looking for a recurring online team-building activity that will be engaging and fun every month, try the Confetti Team Building Challenge. Each month, your team will gather on Zoom to celebrate a different holiday theme with a fun, online game. Whether it’s celebrating AAPI Heritage Month with a virtual pub or kicking off Pride with LGBTQIA-themed trivia, the Confetti Team Building Challenge is a great way to boost morale, foster connection and encourage collaboration among your remote team.


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