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Student Accommodation in Lancashire Can Be Found in Private Halls and House

Student Accommodation in Lancashire

When looking for Lancashire student accommodation you will have a number of options. Many of these are offered in private halls and house, which can offer a different experience to students than staying in university residences. However, it is important to note that private student accommodation is not checked by the university and so you should make sure it meets certain standards to ensure your safety.

A good place to start is with the UCLan website, which will list all accommodation registered by the university. This can be found through the official accommodation provider or through the university’s letting agency. Students should also be wary of accommodation offered elsewhere, such as through private letting agents or online. This accommodation is likely to be unregistered and may not meet the required standards, as well as potentially being in a less desirable location.

In the city of Preston, student accommodation can be found in both private halls and house. These are often a short walk to the campus and will offer a range of facilities, including en-suite rooms, communal spaces and wifi. The cost of this type of accommodation can vary, but it is usually around £80 per week and includes bills and contents insurance.

Student Accommodation in Lancashire Can Be Found in Private Halls and House

The University of Central Lancashire has a student population in excess of 25,000 and is renowned for its forensic science, fashion and film studies courses. The university also offers a wide variety of other subjects, such as nursing, community health and midwifery, engineering, management, global studies, pharmacy, law and psychology.

If you are looking for Lancashire student accommodation close to the University of Central Lancashire, consider the student halls at iQ Kopa, which is a modern building with both ensuite and studio rooms. The property boasts an on-site gym, cinema room and great social spaces to relax with friends. It is also only a seven-minute walk to the university and a five-minute walk from the city centre.

The availability of essential facilities and amenities is vital for a comfortable and convenient living experience. High-speed internet, well-equipped study areas, laundry facilities, and recreational spaces contribute to an enabling environment for academic success and personal well-being

While there are numerous benefits to student accommodation, it is important to consider potential challenges as well. Availability and demand for student housing can vary depending on the location and time of year, making it essential for students to plan and secure their accommodations well in advance. Financial constraints may also limit the options available to some students, requiring them to carefully budget and prioritize their needs.

When evaluating student accommodation options, it is essential to understand the cost factors involved. These may include rent, utilities, meal plans, transportation, and other related expenses. Students and their families should create a comprehensive budget that takes into account their financial resources and limitations.

Another good choice for student accommodation is Canterbury Hall, which has a range of rooms, including both ensuite and shared studios. The property has a rooftop garden, on-site gym and cinema room, as well as great communal spaces to socialise in. It is only a 10 minute walk from the university and is conveniently located near transport links.

There are plenty of things to do in the city of Preston, with a varied selection of bars and clubs to suit all tastes. The city is also renowned for its cafe culture, with a large number of both modern and vintage tea shops to choose from. Those wanting to chill can enjoy one of the city’s many parks or take a stroll along the river Ribble. If you are a fan of shopping, there are also a number of good-quality independent boutiques to choose from in the city centre. There is something for everyone in this vibrant, up and coming city!


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