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Are guests allowed in the student accommodation in York?

guests allowed in the student accommodation

When it comes to student accommodation in York, the city has a lot to offer. Pretty tea shops, Gothic buildings and 14th or 15th-century streets help create an authentic British experience that attracts thousands of students each year to the University of York, York St John, Askham Bryan College and English In York Language School. As a result, the city’s student accommodation is in high demand.

There are a number of different types of York student accommodation including rooms with private bathrooms, self-contained studios and shared apartments. The type of accommodation you choose will depend on your budget and lifestyle preferences. Most of the accommodation is fully-furnished and includes bills, Wi-Fi, on-site laundry facilities and bike storage. In addition, most of the student residences in York provide lounges, kitchens and study areas with TVs and seating.

Is there a common area for group activities in the student accommodation in York? Yes, most York student accommodation will have a common area where you can hang out with friends. Some of the more modern student residences in York such as iQ The Brickworks have large social spaces with games tables and comfy sofas. Others such as The Coal Yard and Tang Hall have smaller, more intimate spaces where you can relax and chat with your flatmates.

Students are expected to maintain high standards of care and cleanliness in their assigned room/suite/apartment. Any room that is not maintained to these standards may be subject to disciplinary action.

Are guests allowed in the student accommodation in York?

Residents are responsible for reporting damage to their room, suite or apartment to Housing & Residential Education staff. In the event that damage is reported, a member of staff will inspect the room to determine the extent of the damage and make a determination as to what repairs are necessary. Residents will be contacted and a work order may be initiated to resolve the problem. Residents are also required to comply with any fire, health or safety inspections in their room/suite/apartment, which will be conducted by Housing & Residential Education staff with at least 24 hours notice to residents. Failure to correct any violations found during an inspection may result in charges to a resident’s OASIS account.

Special considerations, such as providing halal food options, prayer rooms, or communal spaces that celebrate diverse cultures, are also being implemented to create inclusive environments for international students.

Guest visits in residence hall rooms, suites or apartments are permitted with the permission of a resident and the explicit agreement of the roommate. Residents must notify their RA/CM or the Assistant Residence Life Coordinator of any planned guest visits in advance. Guests are not permitted to stay in a residence hall room/suite/apartment for more than 3 nights.

Off-campus student housing options are often found in close proximity to educational institutions, making them easily accessible. Private companies have recognized this demand and have developed purpose-built student accommodation facilities near campuses. These facilities are specifically designed to meet the needs of students, offering a variety of room configurations, amenities, and services. Students can choose from studio apartments, shared apartments, or en-suite rooms, depending on their preferences and budget.

Private accommodations designed exclusively for students have gained popularity in recent years. These purpose-built student halls offer a range of modern facilities, including en-suite rooms, communal areas, study spaces, and recreational facilities. Private student halls often prioritize the social aspect of university life, organizing events and activities to facilitate interaction among residents.

Keep communication lines open: After submitting your application, stay in touch with the accommodation office to track the progress of your application. They may need additional information or clarification, so be responsive to their requests. It is also a good idea to inquire about the estimated timeline for receiving a response to your application.

Applying for student accommodation mid-semester in York requires careful planning and proactive engagement with the accommodation office and other resources. By following these steps and maintaining open communication, you can increase your chances of securing suitable accommodation that meets your needs and ensures a comfortable living environment while pursuing your studies.


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