Psychic Horoscopes for October and Fall 2019 for Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

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October for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs – You’re setting things up for the long haul and starting to move, and maybe with some speed, on projects that have stalled. You are establishing a safety net somehow. Now important sources of support and inspiration can emerge.

Fall 2019 for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – The Secret Life of Fire Signs – To sum up the following flowery message from the spirits for “The Signs of the Secret Life of Fire, Fall 2019”, you need to take care of your own issues or wasting valuable time. “Humble yourself; you don’t know anything about anyone else’s life. Or you think you do and express it, anyway. Behaving like a monk means being observant and kind and above all staying out of other people’s problems, When all the time it could be to delve much deeper into your own creative life and focus on what is really worth making flourish. Behaving, being humble, means acting like a monk: not talking so much, but looking for the stars in your thoughts, and not the comings and goings of others. “

October for Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, water signs: you do not know if they are listening to you and if your plans can work. You are looking to transform something or someone, and it is a huge leap. However, it seems that change is already underway. You may also be wondering about your own ability to change and do things differently … it seems good to try!

Fall 2019 for Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: The Secret Life of Water Signs: “Oh, come, come, your ship is coming! Wait! Not what you expected? Was it last year’s wish, And isn’t this one? Get on board anyway. What appears in your life as a vehicle, as a boat, is what takes you in the right direction. Don’t worry at first if it goes sideways.

October for Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: You are looking for money and stability, and it is good that they inspire you, because you will have to work hard to achieve it. You really want to get into a more mature place with less to worry about. This can happen … life tends to get better!

Fall 2019 for Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: Secret Life of Air Signs – High Above You, High Above … It’s What You Want. It seems out of reach! So stop focusing on what you want and what you are separate from. Looking around, there are some valuable resources on the ground … glowing, as if they still had life. See what comes to life when you start working: talking to people, showing your stuff, being yourself. Focus on yourself, and not your desires, this Fall. Enjoy the sensual side of life and be one with your real, fickle and quixotic self.

October for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, earth signs – you are aware of what you want and you are not satisfied with where you are. You want to move on and you want to go up. You want to be happier! The easiest type of success to achieve is creative and business success. An informal type of relationship, “without pressure and without expectations”, could also be successful now.

Fall 2019 for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: toil, toil, toil; painful, painful, painful. Not only is there a lot to do, there is also a lot of mud. Clean yourself periodically having a great time: two or three days in which you are out of line with everything that needs to be done. Let yourself go periodically, it will not stop what you have started.

Astrological aspects important to everyone in the fall of 2019

October 27, New Moon in Scorpio: The new moon in Scorpio is about being a detective and finding new ways of doing things – better crafted and thought out. With a new moon in Scorpio, people will become scientific, detailed, and focused. However, people’s feelings become especially intense as does their focus. You may ask yourself, “Who do you want to pay attention to in your life? What do you want to pay attention to? And” who inside you “do you want to be? It is time to examine what you are investing in and what you are prioritizing. The moons News like this are good for making a calculated and positive change.

November 26, New Moon in Sagittarius: Wow! There are so many new things for many! Newly emboldened people can take new directions. There is a feeling of “finally!” as people go. By the 27th, both Mercury and Neptune are direct after being retrograde … life is more clearly focused and energy is less scattered.

The key to success in fall 2019: being able to find inner peace and being able to be at peace is what helps to manifest dreams this fall. “Pushing” in this environment, and not following the flow of synchronicity and cooperation, is too hard. Resistances of all kinds cause big waves. Avoid deep waters and big waves!

Autumn 2019, the world: rivers run with blood, with iron ore, with irritants; the anguish for rivers and seas overflows in the minds and hearts of more and more people. Our water! Our life!

What’s in the air: Mountains speak, religions are being born. Unsung songs are filling the airspace, waiting for a receptive ear and a willing heart. Reinvention … the wheels turn in places big and small, urban and remote, while the air is filled with new thoughts like dandelion seed snacks. But much of life is more about fertilizers than flourishing.

Spirit Reminder: Smile! Go to funny movies! Laugh with your friends, go to the beach, check out what’s new in your neighborhood. Pet someone’s pet, if not yours!

Fall Rx from Spirit: First of all, anything that is heavy … throw it out for a minute. Enjoy the lightness of being unconcerned about what has already happened. You can breathe more oxygen into your lungs. You can summon more power into your legs and into your heart and arms. You can love more fiercely, because letting go of what is inside you will only happen with your permission to let everything that happened fall … fall … fall.

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