The break has managed to lower your self-esteem and social status. You are hurt too. You feel like crying and begging him to accept you, just because of the love you have for him. There is absolutely no reason to further damage your self-image. There is a chance that you may be able to get your ex boyfriend back and restore some dignity.

There is no need to beg and cry for him to accept you back. If he dumped you, there’s reason enough to be hurt and ashamed. If you broke up with him, then there are many reasons to accept the fact that you made a big mistake and ask him to forgive you. Truth be told, that may not be the solution to get it back.

Let’s say he broke up with you. What was it that drew you to him in the first place? How did you feel then? Find out what you think caused the problem. What you do, try to put them all together and find a solution. What you do is show off so he sees that you’re still the same girl he fell in love with. He needs to know that you are aware that he is looking for you. If he doesn’t notice, someone else might and I don’t think it’s a bad idea, after all there are plenty of fish in the ocean.

Let’s say you just broke up with him. Now you realize that you made a big mistake, let him know and that you are willing to make amends no matter what the cost. Let him know that he is right to be mad at you and that you don’t deserve to have him back. You’ll be fine if you’re ‘just friends’, that is, if he’s fine. Apologize but don’t cry and beg too much to get your ex boyfriend back.

As long as you don’t mind having him back, don’t ask to be reunited. Tell him that you wish things had worked out differently. Say what you want to say and walk away. He will make the move if he is interested and impressed by what you did. It is not easy to admit that you are wrong and also assume the consequences. You need to be mentally strong to do that. If he appreciates the effort you’ve put in to get the relationship working again, he’ll want to have you back.

The only thing that can prevent you from getting it back is if you have a terrible love spell. The strategy is that if you want to appear attractive and get him to come back to you, you need to make him want you again. You may hurt your pride if you do all of this, but remember that you are talking about your loved one. You must be willing to do anything to get your ex boyfriend back, even if it has to do with letting go of your ego, pride, and social status. You need a bright future and to have it you must be willing to sacrifice any good thing to achieve something good.

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