Making your marriage work is something that is not easy and does not pay off overnight. All relationships require work, but when it comes to marriage, the workload seems even more difficult to handle. Over time, married spouses tend to neglect building intimacy, which, when prolonged, creates a void that leaves either party vulnerable to affair. Regardless of whether it is emotional or sexual infidelity, it is extremely difficult to recover from such a heartbreaking betrayal, especially when neither party is willing to look past the events and determine what is best for the marriage. Therefore, preventive maintenance, as with anything else, is the best way to save your marriage from the dangers of infidelity.

Learning to date again is an easy way to rekindle the passion in your marriage. Dating requires creativity, exposure, planning, and consideration on your part. Dating is exciting, sexy, invigorating … and completely sexy and exciting, especially when you haven’t been on a date in a long time.

Most dates make us nervous and scary, especially new ones. However, thesis dates will not. Instead, they should give you pleasant butterflies in your stomach.

Look … you’re not going on a random date with a stranger! Not! No way!

You’re going to be dating your husband. Yes, husband, say it with us. husband – as in the man you married some time ago. And why not? It’s certainly been a while since they both took the time to keep things sexy and flirty like the old days before they started taking each other for granted.

So, start dating your spouse again. Plan specific events to attend together, all with the goal of learning to enjoy each other’s company again. Make things exciting. Don’t just go to dinner and a movie. Choose a small local restaurant known for its delicious entrees, but with just enough space for undersized tables and minimal space, forcing the two of you to sit closer together. Rent a Luxurious and expensive Bed & Breakfast that will allow them to make love with the added novelty of exploring the bodies of others in a “strange” and “new” place they have never been. Try something new and crazy together, like rafting or parasailing.

It doesn’t matter what you do together, as long as both of you are willing to keep an open mind. The important thing is that the two of you enjoy your time together, that each date feels as exciting as the last, if not more. You want to laugh and blush the next morning like a schoolgirl who made out with her boyfriend last night in the backseat of her older brother’s ’67 Chevy. The excitement, the tension, the novelty of it all, that’s what you want, need, to revitalize the stagnation of your relationship.

Whose Forget about mentalizing yourself! Do you remember how you felt when he asked you out for the first time? All those crazy butterflies dancing on your stomach and jumping inside of you when you first answered “yes” and then immediately started planning what to wear? Think of all the outfits you planned and passed on, accessories, makeup and hairstyles that you mixed and matched and played in order to get the “perfect” look guaranteed to take your breath away.

Apply the same level of care that you had to your appointments with him and then to the dates that you will start now. Comb your hair, touch up your pedicure and manicure, pluck your armpits – whiten your teeth! Look, good miss! Dress for him like you really care what he thinks, because that’s the way it is. You care because he is your husband you man, and he, at night, is all yours for as long as you want it.

Y …

… Best of all …

You can take it home with you …

… If he’s a good boy and all …

…. Because you know … he’s your husband and all that, right?

So, to recap our idea of ​​”Help me save my marriage” day, dating your husband is a great way to reconnect with your spouse and inflate the passion in your marriage. As we’ve mentioned, making your marriage work isn’t easy … but who says it can’t be fun?

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