It’s a fact that kids are often more tech-savvy than their parents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect yours with the right set of parental control tools. Most computer security programs these days offer tools to help parents monitor what their children are doing online, whether they are at home using the PC or with friends on their mobile phones. The reason Bitdefender Parental Control (part of the Family Pack) is a great option is because you can use it for an unlimited number of devices.

It allows you to create a profile for each child directly from your online console. Because it works on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices, you can keep an eye on your kids wherever and whenever they have an internet connection. The program can block access to websites in more than 40 categories. Many websites are blocked by default based on the age of the child. However, you can review and manually lock or unlock them as you see fit.

Another useful feature is setting screen time limits for each child on their devices. This feature is not configured by default, so you will need to enable it. Enter the bedtime and access to the mobile device and the computer will be blocked or limited for the number of hours you set. You can also restrict the amount of time each child spends on their devices and computers during the day.

There are many other useful features in the Family Pack besides Bitdefender Parental Control. You can also get:

• Complete data protection in real time

• Anti-fraud and anti-phishing tools

• Prevention of web attacks

• Safe files

• Advanced threat prevention

• Privacy firewall

• Protection of social networks

And much more.

Bitdefender parental control for Android devices

On Android devices, there are useful features like App Lock, Privacy Advisor, and Anti-Theft. All of this helps to keep your child protected from any kind of threat, including hackers and malicious files.

If you are concerned about who is trying to talk to your children, you can take advantage of the mobile features of Bitdefender Parental Control. Set it up so only trusted contacts can call and text your kids. Block all incoming calls from sources without caller ID. GPS tracking allows you to always know where your children are when they have their mobile device.

The 2019 Family Pack is available in one, two and three year subscriptions. Bitdefender parental controls and all other tools are essential for family safety.

Get this security pack and other products using Bitdefender promo codes. You can really protect your kids from cyber threats without spending a fortune. The user interface is intuitive. Bitdefender’s parental control features are simple and straightforward.

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