There are many people who join World of Warcraft to be with friends or family and want to level up a character as quickly as possible. There are also those who have a level 80 character and want to level up as fast as they can. Both scenarios have one thing in common. They want to level up quickly. I wrote this short World of Warcraft power leveling guide to help you achieve that goal.


One thing you must do if you want to level up quickly and efficiently is run quests. In fact, you should run as many as you can find. Fill your quest log with as many quests as you can find and then head out into the desert to do them.

The key is to do them efficiently. I use a plugin that places a directional arrow on my screen. This plugin helps determine the most efficient way to execute the missions you have. You’ll find a link to a place where you can get one of these at the bottom of this article.


In order to level up quickly we must do it efficiently. One way to do this is to take advantage of the time you have between mission objectives. Instead of finishing one goal and heading to the next, you should take your time getting there. When you’re done with your quests, kill your way back to turn them in as well. This will not only increase your overall experience earned, but it will also increase your bank account.

group missions

Unless you have a high level friend to guide you through the instances, forget about group quests. They are a time drain and slow down your progress. Group missions are meant for more than one player and we all know how you can get stuck waiting for someone to show up etc. Groups are fine for the top end, but when you’re leveling out speed, be careful.

Mission levels and other zones

Don’t have the mentality that you have to complete all the missions in one zone before you can move on to another. In fact I encourage a little to move. If the quests in one zone are getting a bit difficult and you’re dying a bit, try moving to an adjacent zone that has some lower level quests. You can shoot through those and then go back for the harder ones when you’ve leveled up a bit.

rest and relaxation

When you go to exit the game, always log out at an inn or capital city. When you log out of these places, you accumulate rested experience. Trust me you will 200% love the experience you will have for a while when you return.

If you use these simple basic rules of power leveling, you will find that the levels go by much faster than you would have thought.

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