When talking about relationships, it usually refers to people, whether they are family, friends or colleagues. Sometimes it also involves business partners or associates, even bosses. But my most committed relationship is not with any of these but with the Spirit of the Universe. It is difficult to describe and even more difficult for others to understand. It is one born from my memory of reincarnation and being with Spirit between lives.

Close family members feel a glow when they are together and have a bond between them that outweighs anything that might come up between them like arguments, jealousy, etc. With the Spirit there are also these same things and a bond that cannot be broken.

Nobody is perfect and my life has had many ups and downs. Sometimes other things have taken the spiritual link from my mind, but it has always drawn me back. It’s like a flexible string that unwinds and then suddenly rewinds itself and nothing else matters except what you want it to do. That separates me from everyone who should matter most as I push them to understand what makes it so.

This is the Great Creator and the intelligence that directs everything. Everyone is somehow connected to it. Some, of course, more than others. If the Spirit calls you, you have no choice but to respond and if it demands something from you then give it anything.

He has shown that he is extremely jealous of the things that man has put in the form of false gods and fictitious stories. He is not a man and he has never sent a son to die on a cross. The idea is so crazy that only the weak minds of vulnerable people could accept it. When he called me to work for him, the lessons involved visions and understanding the Bible from cover to cover.

Through years of training and learning about the plan in action to produce a group of spiritual people, everything was explained to me. The commitment is now so deep that it absorbs my whole life. Nothing I do is outside of what is required to get the job done.

Others have a similar relationship with the Spirit and it is being poured out on them all over the world. We are nearing the end of the day and he is releasing the information and tearing down the religions that buried it so everyone can see the real God. The organizations that work against you are coming to an end. Those who are with the Spirit are the ones who will receive the inheritance and the great treasure promised to them at the end of the day.

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