Old BMW Car Seats

Car seats are an integral part of keeping children safe in a car, and as parents we go through many over the years. Some car manufacturers have even started to think about the environmental impact of old child safety seats and have implemented a system that allows them to be recycled rather than thrown out.

Until recently, the majority of Buy BMW car seats were either kept in the garage or tossed in the bin, but now, more and more car makers and retailers are starting to make it easier for parents to recycle their outgrown seats. It’s a move that is in line with the national Product Stewardship Investment Fund (NPSIF), which was established to encourage industry and government to take on a shared responsibility for the end-of-life management of products.

The program is currently in the planning stages, with 25 collection sites planned to be opened around Australia by mid-2022. The initiative is also being backed by the Australian Consumer Safety Authority (ASCIA), major car seat brands and retailers, as well as motoring organisations such as the NRMA.

Recycle Old BMW Car Seats

As with most things, it’s important to consider the condition of a used seat before handing it on, and to ensure that the age recommended by the manufacturer is not exceeded. The plastics and impact foams will not be as robust after 10 years, and the harnesses and tethers will lose their strength over time as they are stretched and exposed to the elements.

It is also a good idea to check that the restraint has an up-to-date Australian Standard sticker, as well as checking that it is in excellent condition and has not been involved in a crash. Jasmin Bozem, Development Specialist for Child Safety at BMW, says that the best way to determine if an older child seat is still safe is by testing it in your vehicle during a seat test.

If you do have a used child car seat that you’d like to dispose of, there are various online marketplaces and charitable organisations that will accept donations of the car seats, or you can donate them at your local recycling centre. This is better than simply throwing them in the hard rubbish, which ends up in landfill.

If you’re looking for a new or used car that will be suitable to carry your children and their car seat, have a look at the extensive range of cars on offer from BMW Australia. There are models to suit every family, including the X1, X7 and 3 Series with their wide variety of interior features.

In the realm of technology, some aftermarket seats come equipped with integrated heating and cooling systems, further enhancing the driving experience, especially in regions with extreme temperatures. This blend of performance, comfort, and technology appeals to E9X BMW owners who value innovation and modern amenities.

Installation and compatibility are crucial aspects of the car seat selection process. Enthusiasts must ensure that the chosen seats are a seamless fit for their specific E9X model, considering factors such as airbag integration, seatbelt compatibility, and seat adjustment mechanisms. Many reputable aftermarket manufacturers provide detailed specifications and guidelines to assist owners in making informed decisions.

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