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In the world of storage, pull-out shelves certainly help.

To quote, As You Like It from Immortal Bard, “All the world is a stage, and all men and women are mere actors: they have their ins and outs…” And, the only thing we have found during those “in and outs” is that it would really be nice if more pull-out shelves were available. Here’s a recent real life situation where a couple moved out of a huge house:

to a small apartment

With 3 Small Closets

and too many articles

What do you do in this situation? You can try the:

Barrel and dump approach, but there’s only so much you can get rid of before you walk in with a pair of pants, a pair of shoes, and a shirt.

Or, how about the “maybe I can fit a little more in that plastic bag” approach? Everyone tries, but, too quickly, you’re met with a bunch of “exploding” bags that are busy dumping their contents all over the floor. and you’re left with two piles, burst plastic bags and piles of the stuff they contained. Saying she’s a mess is saying it politely and it gets worse if you forgot which bag she was carrying which

Or, of course, there’s the “bag tag approach,” but as we’ve just seen, your neatly tagged bags have thrown their contents everywhere, usually mixing it all up, so that you have to start over, once that discovers what you can keep and what you can lose.

Imagine what you could do with a pull-out closet shelf that installs quickly and organizes your closets. It would be a lifeline to the victims of the great stock market disaster, bringing them and their little apartment a closet revolution.

Does this sound like a fantasy? it is not; it is real! It is an idea that is inherently flexible. The beauty of revamping a small closet space by using pull-out shelves in the right size sets is appealing. With this type of building you can:

Use lower level for shoes and boots

Use a slightly higher level for pants

Use a higher level for shirts, socks and sundries

The reason you can organize your closet this way is that one set of pull-out closet shelves only need to be for flat items so you can slide them past each other at different levels, while on the other side of the closet, you can install another one. pull-out closet shelf set for other items. In this way, you can have a level for:



Loose items such as tank tops

Sweaters and sweatshirts

It really does make a difference and can restore the marital agreement much faster than you might think, however that is beyond the scope of this article.


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