All these experienced guides are natives of San Pedranos and second or third generation sailors and fishermen; who grew up in the sea and turned his affinity for nature into a profession that has challenged and delighted thousands of visitors over the years.

The dive master of a well-known dive shop and adventure center recalls that in the 1960s, retired dive instructors from the U.S. Navy came to San Pedro and began teaching scuba diving to natives and one of the first students was Robert Peter (Roberto) Bradley. , and then their older children. Rene Bradley buckled up his first tank at the age of 11 under the supervision of his older brother George and spent every available moment afterward following his brothers’ bubbles and helping guide the efforts. In 1984, RenĂ© and his younger brothers, Jacinto and Alberto joined the already well-established dive and fishing guides Francisco (Pancho) Verde and older brothers George, Roberto, and Leonardo to guide visitors to Belize on adventures at sea. .

Why did these young Saint Pedrans choose to become guides? The transition from lone fishermen to hosts and ambassadors was easy. As Pancho Verde says, “I was already fishing every day anyway and guiding the visitors gave me the opportunity to meet new people and make friends from all over the world.”

Over the years these guides have introduced the waters of Belize to countless guests, including many celebrities. Leonardo has fond memories of Harrison Ford and his film crew during the production of Mosquito Coast, while Alberto remembers Cyndi Lauper as being very funny, unsurprisingly.

George Bradley, the older brother and a truly talented fly fisherman, talks quietly and is very excited about spending a day on the water. Your guests, many of whom book their vacation time based on their schedule, feel the same way. Roberto Jr, the youngest member of the team, has proudly followed in his father’s footsteps and when asked about the guests they take fishing, they say they are all stars, whether they are seen in movies or not!

All of these expert Belizean fishing and dive guides agree that the true reward of their profession is the expression of delight on the face of a novice diver or the excitement of a fisherman connecting with the “big one” after a morning. in the plains. They are proud of their beautiful country and the role they play in promoting and preserving it for future generations.

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