As usual, the mainstream media exaggerates another story that is not from the world of sports; What’s worse, the weekend news about Texas quarterback Vince Young’s Wonderlic score is likely inaccurate.

Young, who is currently in Indianapolis on the NFL Combine, was reported to score a pitiful 6 on the 50-question test that NFL executives have used as a scouting tool to gauge the intelligence of a draft prospect.

An NFL spokesperson has claimed that scores don’t come out until a week after the combine, so from now on these reports are not just pure speculation by the media, but also border on slander if we find out within a week. from now it actually got a higher score.

According to more reliable sources, Young actually got a 16, which doesn’t exactly make him a genius, but he’s just below average compared to the 2005 draft hopefuls. I’m sure if this is the case, the Major sports networks and newspapers won’t give us wall-to-wall coverage of how badly they got it wrong; The damage is already done.

According to arguably the best talent screener of the last twenty years, former Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins coach Jimmie Johnson paid very little attention to off-field testing and focused more on the movie of the game and how a player reacted in game situations. . Ask USC coach Pete Carroll how effective Young is when things are down, he will tell you directly.

If you’re still not convinced how insignificant a low Wonderlic score is in predicting NFL success, a pretty good Hall of Fame quarterback who has the most passing records in the league scored a 13. His name is Dan Marino.

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