One of the most cluttered places in any home is the junk drawer. Have you ever noticed that every home has a drawer in the kitchen or utility room that is used to store all the oddities in the house? When you are looking for a nut extractor, an air needle to inflate a ball, a single cord or a screwdriver, where do you look? In the junk drawer, right? Often those drawers get pretty crowded.

Here are some simple tips you can use to clean out your junk drawer so you can finally replace those broken laces on your favorite sneakers with new white ones. Hey, I bet you have a new pair of shoelaces somewhere in that drawer. Doing so will make it easier for you to keep your shoes on your feet. Read on for 7 amazing tips for cleaning out your junk drawer.

  1. It may be important to clean out junk drawers, especially if they are bulging and only partially close when you close them. To start cleaning out your junk drawer, just choose to do it.
  2. Break the task into smaller time segments. Just set a timer and choose to clean for a short period of time. Then do something else for a while.
  3. Lay a newspaper on the ground. Unless you have something breakable in the drawer, like glass or a pair of glasses, carefully place the items in the drawer on top of the newspaper. When you get to the contents at the bottom of the drawer, you can probably just dump the sand and gravel on top of the spread newspaper.
  4. It’s probably smart to clean out the junk drawer when little kids aren’t running around. They could step on something sharp that is exposed in the newspaper.
  5. Ask the whole family to join in the cleanup. It’s more fun to do things with someone than to do it alone.
  6. Turn on the radio, CD or MP3 player and listen to some nice music while you work. Play it slow and easy so you feel relaxed while listening to it, or play uplifting music if you like it better.
  7. After you finish cleaning out your junk drawer, you may decide to line the drawer with some shelf paper or even the brown paper from a grocery bag. I think this helps keep the drawer clean longer.

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