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Abdominal Exercises – The Real Deal

Abdominal exercises require more than the crunch, ab machine, or gimmick product to achieve six pack abs. You’ve seen the infomercials with the latest and “greatest” gadgets and equipment. This is not how you get those killer abs you always wanted, it takes more work than that.

The problem with abdominal exercises is that you have probably been misinformed, through the Internet, health magazines or other sources. Actually, there are only two ways to get a rock hard stomach. Firstly, it is through your dietary intake and nutrition, secondly, through the correct specific abdominal exercises. You won’t get any abs if you don’t work on those two categories. That’s guaranteed!

Want another tip and secret from the pros? Not everything is in the abdominal exercises. The best source of training is when you train many large body parts at once. That’s right, working like a lemming doing thousands and thousands of crunches and other meaningless ab exercises doesn’t give you the stamina you need to achieve your goal. If you really want to build your abs, you’ll need to do repetitions of an exercise that you can’t do more than 25 repetitions of. That means that by doing regular crunches or sitting up you won’t accomplish anything worthwhile. You need to build muscle by adding resistance to training. Use enough resistance to go even lower than 25 reps, focus on enough weight that you can do around 15 reps or so.

The best techniques for workouts are those that require you to focus on bending or lifting your legs and pelvis either up or in closer to your trunk. These abdominal exercises are perfect when you add some resistance to them. An example would be performing hip thrusts or pelvic tucks, these are excellent methods of heavy resistance abdominal exercises. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people who can do hundreds of crunches and can’t even do 10 reps of these.

Also remember your nutritional intake and diet, this is the most crucial part. It doesn’t matter how developed your abs are if you have a layer of fat covering them. That’s why you need to focus on your dietary intake and the types of vitamins and nutrients you consume. Focus on eliminating the following from your intake. carbohydrates; breads, pastas, beans, rice and cereals. sugars; does not need explanation. Hydrogenated oils and fructose from corn; No more Burger King or White Castle!

Focus on eating things like eggs, oatmeal, natural peanut butter, and things that are close to their natural state. By focusing on things closer to the natural state, you can ensure that the vitamins and minerals are still preserved and not filled with junky preservatives.


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