So you asked our question number 1?

Why choose the decoration of a country house rustic photo frame? We get that question a lot. One would think that after so many seasons of Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines everyone would know the answer to this question by now.

So we decided we should put together a list of the top reasons why we see more and more people adding rustic picture frames to their modern farmhouse decor homes. There are a number of reasons why rustic or barn wood frames they are so popular nowadays and we are excited to share them here with you today.

We’re sure we’ll cover some things you’ve probably already thought about, but you’d better stick around until the end because I’m sure we’ll have a few surprises in store for you here. So if you’re ready, then let’s get started.

What qualifies us in the decoration of rustic frames?

So how am I qualified to write about farmhouse decor or rustic picture frames? Well I’ve been a midwestern home designer during the last 40 years. Specialized in craftsman style homesI’ve seen more than my share of the new Modern Farmhouse look in my new designs. When you add that to the fact that my wife and I own a rustic barnwood framing company at, it’s pretty easy to see where my expertise comes from.

How do farmhouse decor and rustic picture frames fit together?

Many people were introduced to Modern Farmhouse Decor a few years ago when Joanna & Chip Gaines brought their Waco, TX renovation company into everyone’s home. For years, we’ve all watched Chip remove or install clapboard for Joanna and then watch her magically transform an otherwise typical space into extraordinary with the use of simple rustic products. Often displayed photos or memorabilia of the owning families in rustic frames and the trend started.

Since then, others have followed up with different shows showcasing the use of reclaimed barn wood for everything from accent walls to table tops and our favorite handmade picture frames.

Why Barnwood?

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more rustic or country than the look of authentic reclaimed barn wood. If you’ve seen shows like The Barnwood Buildersthen you heard mark bowe explain that you just can’t copy the real patina of weather-aged barn wood.

One of the coolest things we’ve learned over the years is that every piece of barn wood is a little bit unique. Therefore, it takes a keen eye to put together enough well-matched pieces of wood to create unique frames. But even the most basic flat board frames can be very unique…more on that later!

How to decorate with Barnwood?

This is a great question because many people think of barn wood as a simple grayish-brown finish. If that were true, it would be very boring. But the fact is, you can have your unique rustic picture frames made in a variety of finish colors and distressed looks. You can even have barn wood frames with glazed finishes like modern cabinetry or even distressed finishes that look like they’ve aged for years.

What picture frame size options do I have?

This is where the use of rustic picture frames can add so much to your farmhouse decor creation. That’s because you can work with simple 1-1/2″ wide frames or create multi-piece frames up to 6-1/2″ wide. Imagine framing a 20×30 family portrait in a frame that measures over 3′ wide and nearly 3′ tall. That would surely become a treasured family heirloom.

You can have frames made for prints as small as 4″x4″ to large canvases in frames up to 24″x36″ that will support up to a 1″ thick canvas. There are actually 29 standard frame sizes in our collection If that’s not enough, we’re always open to looking at custom frame sizes.

Have we convinced you?

We set out to explain why rustic picture frames have become such a valued part of farmhouse home decor. We hope you can now see the endless possibilities when you can mix and match 29 different standard size options, along with many one-piece and multi-piece frame designs, and then color-coordinate the piece to your unique home d├ęcor.

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