With the latest Apple iPhones arriving in India in less than 2 weeks, many buyers may be wondering which iPhone 6 is right for them. This is the first time that Apple has released two separate iPhone models with similar specifications. At least with the iPhone 5S and 5C, one was clearly the high-end model and the other was the low-end device.

With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, there are virtually no internal differences except for the size of the battery and the camera. Here are a few things to consider when deciding which iPhone 6 to spend your money on.

the price difference

Apple has announced that it will launch the 16GB iPhone 6 variant in India priced at Rs 53,500 while the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus will start at Rs 62,500. That’s a price difference of Rs 9,000. Going for the smaller device would mean spending the money you save on accessories like Bluetooth headsets or iPhone 6 cases.

the size difference

Both new iPhone 6 models are incredibly thin, around the 7mm mark. The iPhone 6 Plus is a bit thicker, but not thick enough for anyone to notice. It is the other dimensions that are tremendously different. The iPhone 6 Plus is not only the largest iPhone ever, but with a 5.5″ screen it is one of the largest smartphones of the period. Limiting to the size of a phablet, the 6 Plus needs two hands to use it and Apple even gave it a handheld mode that slides the top of the screen down so you can reach it.


While many of the stories of the iPhone 6 Plus being bent are media hype, there are still legitimate stories of users ending up with damaged iPhones just from having them in their pants pockets. The iPhone 6 Plus is so big and so thin that this is not an incredible scenario. It’s true that you could buy an iPhone 6 Plus case that would provide some extra protection, but there would still be the worry that you’re going to ruin a device that costs more than Rs 62,000 every time you sit down.

The camera

One of the main selling points of iPhones has always been that they have what is probably the best smartphone camera ever. If you’re one of those people who uses the iPhone camera a lot, you’ll want the iPhone 6 Plus with its optical stabilization features, which the iPhone 6 lacks. While both are great cameras, the stabilization brings the iPhone 6 Plus closer to being the best. only camera you will need. However, there is a tradeoff. The 6 Plus’s camera protrudes from the body in an unsightly bulge that mars the smooth back and makes it impossible to lay the phone flat. The only way to solve this is with an iPhone 6 Plus case that evens out the bulge and restores the flat back of the phone.

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