Sometimes either of you in a relationship feels stifled and trapped. This is when it is good for that person to take a few days away to reflect and make some decisions. Separation is good in some respects because “absence makes the heart more loving.” If your boyfriend disappears for a few days, it could be harmless or it could mean that he wants to get away from you. Read the following tips to find out what to do if this happens.

Don’t jump to conclusions
It is better to be calm and rational when this happens. Don’t jump to conclusions and imagine the worst. It could only mean that he needed to escape and have his space. Maybe you didn’t realize that you are too demanding, intimidating, and possessive. Wait for him to come back and be compassionate and understanding.

Ask subtle questions
Be positive and don’t think he has left you forever. You could try to find out where it has gone and where. Ask mutual friends if they know where you are. If you are patient and wait a bit, he will most likely get in touch with you and let you know.

Be patient and don’t lose hope
You will go crazy with worry if you start imagining all kinds of things just because he’s been gone for a few days. Be patient and don’t lose hope. Look back at your relationship and see if there was anything unpleasant or uncomfortable that he took away without informing you. If you are guilty about something, try to apologize and fix things.

See if he tells you the truth and then act
In case you contact him or he comes back after disappearing for a few days, don’t respond in an angry way. Wait for an explanation and try to assess whether he is telling you the truth about where he was or not. If you find out that you are lying, you can decide whether it is worth continuing the relationship or not.

Be cool and distant with him
When he finally shows up, let him know that you are upset with the way he disappeared for a few days without telling you, being cold and distant with him. It is no use behaving in the same loving way; flatter him all over the place when he hasn’t been considerate enough to let him know he was leaving.

Tell him it’s a good idea to stay away sometimes
What you can do is agree and let him know that it is a good idea to separate for a while and go on a trip for a few days. He may secretly not like the idea of ​​you leaving without him, even though he wasn’t thinking of taking off without you. Pretend you didn’t care and are thinking of doing the same.

Let him know that there should be no secrets
One of the best ways to make him realize that he shouldn’t do the disappearing act is to speak frankly with him and emphasize the fact that there shouldn’t be any secrets between you. Once you do this, let him know that if for any reason he feels the need to be alone or have his space, you are willing to give it to him.

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