A call to action is often used in a variety of industries to increase sales. It’s a powerful advertising method that can help motivate your customers to buy from you sooner rather than later, as well as to keep buying from you in the future. A call to action generally conveys a sense of urgency to the client; This makes them feel like they have to take advantage of your offers now, before it’s too late. A call to action is about creating powerful advertising in the form of text, engaging the customer through psychology. It’s easy and straightforward to add a call to action to your pizza menu.

For example, your current pizza menu says “Free Tomato Garlic Bread on all orders over $ 20.” To turn this into a call to action, you need to spice it up a bit. Make sure people know that this offer isn’t going to last, it’s special, and you urgently need to take advantage of it now while you can. Their pizza menu now reads “Special Introductory Offer only with this menu! Free Tomato Garlic Bread on all orders over $ 20. Get them while they’re hot!” Now the customer will see that and think more about how they would really like free garlic bread, and they only have to spend $ 20 on their order to get it. They should get it now, before it’s too late.

There are many different ways to turn your menu flyers into one or more calls to action. If you have a special offer available, give it a deadline so customers feel they need to take urgent action before it ends. Or as in the example above, you can offer a gift for a limited time. The sense of urgency is the most popular method of implementing a call to action.

Don’t just put your prices in line with other pizzerias. Notify your customers in advance that prices will go up on a certain date to accommodate costs and other business. That way, customers will want to enjoy your business as much as possible while still being really cheap compared to others.

If you want a more stable marketing plan that is still based on urgency, you can offer a free gift to a certain number of people. That way you can be sure that you won’t be giving away too many free pizzas or garlic bread than you can afford and people will keep trying to order as quickly and as much as possible to get the gift. You can also craft a permanent gift that still gives you a profit so that you are comfortable with long-term use of the hack.

Lastly, be sure to include key action phrases in your pizza menu design. These are especially effective if they are placed on the cover of your brochure design alongside your specials, giveaways, and discounts. They can be things like “Call now”, “Get it now!” and “Don’t miss out!”

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