When deciding whether to buy a Beagle, it is important to know their common behavior. Learning about Beagle behavior makes it easier to determine if Beagles are the right breed type for your home. Beagles make attractive pets because they are small, playful, and generally quite friendly. However, like all other dog breeds, Beagles have a few drawbacks. Knowing those drawbacks may not stop you from acquiring a Beagle, but you will know what signs to look out for.

History of the Beagles

Beagles were originally used for hunting dogs. They were expected to search and find prey and inform their owners where the animals were. With their exceptional olfactory abilities and their desire to follow animal scent tracks, Beagles fit this role perfectly. The energetic nature of the Beagles also came in handy on all-day hunting trips. Owners often have trouble with their Beagles because they are not getting enough exercise and have too much energy. After looking at the history of the Beagle, it is easy to understand why it would be good to know the characteristics of the Beagle before acquiring one.


One of the most common complaints owners have about their Beagles is the dog’s habit of barking in several different situations. Beagles will bark when they want attention, or when they detect someone approaching, and just because they like to bark. Even if you understand why a Beagle is barking at everything that takes care of the problem, it can be difficult.


Like their ancestors, Beagles roam by following their nose wherever it leads. Beagles are difficult to keep track of and most owners need to have a fence before letting their dog roam free. Plan to implement security measures to prevent your Beagle from escaping when you leave it outside.


Although Beagles are normally friendly and playful, they can become aggressive under certain circumstances. Beagles can become aggressive with food and will sometimes have trouble getting along with other dogs because of this. Most of the time, addressing this issue early on will solve it.


While there are many things to worry about with your new puppy, all of these problems can be avoided. By training your puppy in obedience from the beginning and giving your Beagle the opportunity to meet many new dogs, you can ensure that you will have a happy and healthy puppy.

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