Admit it or not, finding clients in the vast real estate market is a huge challenge. It is challenged by the existence of large real estate firms that employ hundreds of experienced real estate agents on their teams. If you are a newbie, the efforts made by established firms could easily swallow you up. But did you ever think that they started out as rookies on the field too? If you find yourself in this situation, here are some tips to at least give you a head start in finding the right clients for you.

Create your own circle of connections and influences offline. While the online world is essential to expanding your connections, offline connections and influences are just as essential. Start with your family and friends. Then add in your previous classmates, even those from your elementary days whom you still remember. Your teachers can be great additions. Pass on to those you are turning to as professionals like doctors, dentists, groomers, pet groomers, and fitness trainers. Parents of your children’s friends and classmates can also expand their offline connections. If you have business contacts, add them too. Don’t forget your neighbors. They can be excellent sources of referrals.

Build a better network of friends online. Through social media, you, as a real estate agent, are empowered to improve online connections. Your network can be a larger network of interconnected people, starting with your family members to your own friends, acquaintances, friends of friends, and so on. Before you know it, your network has expanded to include professionals of various degrees not only in your locality, but also in adjacent towns and nearby cities. If you think they are not relevant, you may be wrong with the impression. Anyone in your network of online friends can always be a great source of referrals, even those you rarely see adding activities to their social media accounts.

Send emails, both online and offline. Now that you’ve established your online and offline connections, it’s time to introduce yourself as the newbie real estate agent. For offline mail senders, make sure you have a formal tone. Provide your full name, license number, the company you are connected to as well, your address and the contact numbers of you and the company. Inform them of the services you are offering.

For online mail senders, the same can be followed. But since it is an electronic form, you may want to add some improved graphics and videos.

Create your own website. For personal branding, having your own website is essential. This is where you can provide listings, value-added services, FAQs, and even informational articles that can help pique the interest of your potential customers. Support it with a blog and connect it with your social media accounts on different online real estate platforms.

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