As 2018 has started, it makes sense that in this new year, what could be the biggest social media changes to expect.

Typically, the world of social media has seen continuous growth in technology and innovation. Every day you see new innovations or hear new announcements.

So, let’s take a look at the possible trends that may follow this year and the ways that social media managers can plan for these changes.

1.Continuous growth in live video content.

Recently, Facebook announced some changes to its News Feed algorithm that it will change itself based on the type of content that users switch from the user’s friends and family to the type of content or pages that the user’s followers. This also implies that you are going to start an intense discussion between users while they share content on their own private network.

2. Messaging apps will be an important mode of communication.

Today there are several messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc. Almost 4 billion people use these types of messaging applications to communicate with each other. These types of applications provide a much faster and easier way to contact people. In fact, using messaging for customer service is much more scalable and less expensive, especially for business and customer services.

3. Virtual reality booming for better marketing experiences.

In the age of artificial intelligence, virtual reality is making headlines. With its unique features, it creates a memorable experience unlike other media in the field of marketing. In fact, thanks to this brand we are instantly recognizing its value.

4. Voice search and AI will change the rules of the game

As development continues, voice devices that respond quickly to verbal commands rely heavily on artificial intelligence. As we can see in the market, some voice-controlled devices for personal help are being integrated into some devices that we use, such as smart speakers, televisions, etc.

The other innovation in which Artificial Intelligence plays an important role is in autonomous vehicle technology that continues to advance. Based on this technology, it is clear that voice activation will also be used for autonomous vehicles. Since these types of vehicles will be equipped with voice capabilities that will allow drivers to perform other functions such as making phone calls without taking their hands off the steering.

5. A boom in live streaming

There will be a consequence of the live broadcast and we will see much more. Live Streaming presence will increase as it works. For example, through this technology, we get an update on phones every day.

6. Online Hangouts will be the order of the day

Online hangouts are a fast trend with Gen Z, who believe in more socializing and partying. In fact, online Hangouts go hand in hand with virtual reality.

7. Influencer marketing will be the focal point of interaction with social media.

Marketing influence is a big business with a billion dollars at stake. In fact, there are many people who coin up to 6 figures through influencer marketing.

It has a huge impact on millennials making their career choices and the kinds of choices they make in everyday life, like the kinds of products they want to buy.

8. Make stories with Instagram

From a marketing point of view, Instagram Stories will have a lot of relevance compared to other marketing platform. There is an avalanche of Instagram stories that has almost 10,000 followers.

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