The capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, offers a unique vacation experience. Often considered the playground of the rich and famous, the city is actually an affordable vacation destination for most people. While you can get to the city by boat, international travelers often do so by air. The main airport for all international flights to Nassau is the city’s international airport. All major airlines fly into the city.

Most of the major airlines offer cheap airfare to get to this city. So there is no shortage of cheap flights to Nassau. You can also try using budget airlines to get airline deals. This will allow you to buy cheap tickets to Nassau.

As you leave the airport, you can take a taxi to get to your hotel or resort. If you want to travel between the islands, you will need to take a water taxi. If you don’t rent a car, that’s perfectly fine, as it is possible to hail a taxi on the streets without any problems.

The city offers numerous sights and attractions that can make your vacation enjoyable. You can visit the Ardastra Zoo, famous for its flamingos, monkeys and marching jaguars. You can spend a whole day at the zoo without realizing how quickly time has passed. There is an entrance fee to pay, but it is not too high. The city also has an 18-acre botanical garden, which is home to more than 600 species of plants. The garden also has beautiful fish ponds that are home to a wide variety of tropical fish and a man-made waterfall. You can simply stroll through the garden and enjoy its peace and lush greenery. It’s often a respite from a hectic day at the beach or enjoying water sports.

Be sure to visit the 200-acre Clifton Heritage Marine and Land National Park. You can opt for a guided tour that will take you to an 18th century slave plantation, gorgeous beaches, astonishing natural beauty, and winding trails. The park used to be the home of the indigenous Lucayan tribe more than a thousand years ago. You can enjoy diving and snorkeling here, along the coral reefs. Although the park does not allow the entry of private vehicles, it is possible to reserve a scooter here to get around the park.

Other city attractions include the 66 steps of the Queen’s Staircase, the Water Tower, and the Gardens of Versailles located on Paradise Island. You can also enjoy boating and boating here as the port offers fantastic rental and charter deals for all budgets. You can take day cruises if you wish. You can even rent submarines to check out the beautiful underwater flora and fauna or rent jet skis.

If you visit the city in late December, be sure to take part in all the fun and celebrations of the Junkanoo Festival. The festival starts at the end of December and continues until the first week of January. The festival is like a big street party, with costumed dancers, drums, cowbells and whistles.

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