To answer the question of what does a scalar energy pendant do, we need to know what a scalar energy pendant is. They are popping up all over the internet and are being sold as beneficial pendants; as the way to obtain a holistic balance in the physical energy and natural frequencies of the body.

These pendants can help with pain control, stress reduction, allow for clearer thinking while increasing energy levels!

Energy flows within our body at the level of organs, cells and tissues in the form of waves, as well as throughout the body as a whole. (When someone dies, the death is diagnosed as a cessation of brain waves.) When energy imbalances occur, the body becomes ill, when they are in balance, the body heals. The scalar energy pendant is used to focus these energy flows so that your body is always in a state of maximum healing.

In essence, it can reduce pain and greatly improve energy while healing your body from various ailments.

How does the scalar energy pendant work as a healing pendant?

It all comes down to energy. We are essentially made of energy. This energy is made up of beneficial waves that operate at different frequencies. There are many ways to apply healing energy to the body.

A. By wearing a scalar energy pendant that will act as a focus source to draw energy with healing frequencies into the body.

B. Direct application of energy to the body, such as the use of Kinesiology therapy.

C. Embedding energy in a pendant.

D. Wearing a scalar pendant and its fused molecular elements to concentrate and focus the body’s healing frequencies back into the body.

How does adding a healing frequency to the scalar pendant work?

By embedding scalar energy into an item, it is set to a healing frequency that is beneficial to the user. Each of us has our own healing frequency, which can be mimicked by a pendant embedded with scalar energy using today’s technology to fuse at the molecular level, the energy wave and natural elements that promote healing. The earth is made up of thousands of different mineral elements, each of which has been shown to directly affect the body in some way. By combining these elements we increase their healing abilities and by using them close to our skin we make their energy influence our own healing energy.

How will I know which one is right for me?

Simple, put it on and use it. If you don’t have one handy, pick one that has been shown to help empower other peopleā€”in other words, a legitimate pendant that does what it says on the tin. A real scalar pendant will bring a sense of well-being and allow you to really feel when other non-beneficial energies are nearby, such as electromagnetic fields emitted by computers and cell phones!

A scalar energy pendant can help you reduce joint pain, headaches, improve your mental focus, strengthen the body’s cell structures, increase immunity levels, and bring a new sense of energy that will allow you to perform a task and work with a revived urgency without the downfall of chemical stimulants. What are you doing? It creates a means to let our body heal once again as it should without the interference of electromagnetic fields, the loss of body energy that heals us and allows us to be healthy once again.

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