Does your local gift shop seem to still have the same old Webkinz on the shelf? You may want to take a closer look once you’ve read this story.

Retired Webkinz Cheap: I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who is an avid eBay seller and he told me the most incredible account of a recent Webkinz purchase he had made. A few months ago, she walked into a local store and noticed that the merchant was marking a bunch of Webkinz toys. The strange thing was that most of them were identical and the merchant was ticking everything to get rid of them as they had them in the back of the store for quite some time.

The merchant commented that they just weren’t selling many (although the store didn’t even advertise that they carried Webkinz) and that they just wanted to get rid of them. What the merchant didn’t realize was that it was retired Webkinz Cheeky Cat and Cheeky Dog!

In fact, there were nine in all, and being a canny shopper, my friend generously offered to all of them to get an extra volume discount and get it off the merchants’ hands. A few months later, the $ 80 purchase turned into over $ 2,000 in eBay sales! And after sharing this story with a few close friends, I found out that this scenario is commonly repeated across the country every day, so be sure to keep your eyes open for what’s hot and you might be in the right place. at the right time.

Here’s the list of retired (and rare) Webkinz to watch out for:

  • Hunting dog
  • Brown horse
  • Cheeky cat
  • Cheeky dog
  • Gold and white cat
  • Gorilla
  • Gray and white cat
  • Puppy love
  • Pegasus
  • Sherbet bunny
  • Unicorn

Tip: It is important to ensure that the code for the Webkinz you are purchasing has NOT been used. A Webkinz with a used tag code is not worth that much! Also, you should also be careful of knockoff products from the flea market. The best option is to buy from a reputable legitimate retailer and, if you buy from eBay, someone with a solid level of good reviews who sells Webkinz.

So next time you’re in that little store around the corner and you see a container full of Webkinz, keep this list in mind, you just might find a diamond in the rough.

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