One of the biggest fears seems to be the fear of drowning. Unfortunately, when hurricanes hit, more people drown than from the wind itself or something falling on them. The fear of drowning appears to be universal to all humans. People don’t want to grow up to death. The fear of drowning reaches almost as high as the fear of being burned by real flames. Generally, in structure fires, people die from smoke inhalation long before they actually burn.

More people drown in natural disasters than in any other way. Even earthquakes often destroy dams and water rushes in drowning victims who would otherwise have gotten away just fine. It goes without saying that drowning is a very common fear and one that you are not the only one to have. It is said that many of people’s worst nightmares are nightmares of drowning. Even people who are good swimmers are afraid of drowning. In fact, it is a highly innate human fear.

The fear of drowning is a fear, which is fine, because it is a very natural fear. In fact, US Navy Seal teams spend a lot of time training to overcome the fear of drowning and those who can’t get through are kicked out of the competition to become members of the Navy Seal team. If you are afraid of drowning, the most important thing is to know where that fear comes from if you want to overcome it. Think about this.

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