Pets are supposed to be part of our family. They also deserve the same kind of dietary consideration that we give other people in the family. There are multiple options on packaged pet food that many brands are promoting on the market. These foods are recommended by most veterinarians and pet lovers. These packaged foods are supposed to be developed by experts in the field of veterinary nutrition and contain all the necessary ingredients for a healthy pet diet.

There is another school of thought to the idea of ​​giving pets home-cooked food. Although packaged foods are touted as healthy, they are not as fresh and nutritious as home-cooked foods. According to these experts, pets also get bored with eating the same food every day and definitely need a change. One of the vets claimed that his puppy began to lose his appetite after a few days of prepared food, resulting in poor bowel function and weight loss. But when he switched the dog to food with human ingredients, there was a positive change in the animal.

According to another study, cats need more nutrition than dogs and, therefore, ready-made packaged foods are very useful for cats. Dogs are omnivores like humans, but cats are absolutely carnivores. They absolutely must eat meat and are susceptible to nutritional deficiencies if they don’t get properly balanced meals. There is a world of difference between preparing food for a dog and preparing food for a cat. The nutritional requirement of both types of animals is completely different and so are the eating habits.

There are many cookbooks available in the markets that focus on recipes for healthy and nutritious pet food. There is a growing trend among pet owners to provide home-cooked meals for their dogs and cats. This has arisen as a result of the health problems that accompany packaged pet foods. Although the companies that produce these foods assure users that they are made with the best material, many varieties of foods had to be recalled in the recent past.

Many veterinarians and animal lovers have written recipe books on pet food. Some of the best cookbooks that can be recommended for cat and dog food are Barker’s Grub: Easy, Wholesome Home- Cooking For Dogs by Rudy Edalati, Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats by Kymythy Schultze, The Natural Pet Food Cook Book: Healthy Recipes for Dogs and Cats by Wendy Nan Rees, Cooking the Three Dog Bakery Way by Mark Beckloff and Dan Dye, The Kitty Treats Cookbook by Michele Bledsoe, Michael Walton and Kelly Schaefer.

Given all these factors, pet owners are turning more to homemade meals for their pets, which has resulted in an increase in the sale of pet cookbooks.

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