Most homeowners decorate around an artistic theme – a set of images and colors.
pallette. They search thoroughly, often with an interior decorator, tiles,
noble woods, marble, fabrics and other materials according to its theme. objective
while they can identify the centerpiece of their design theme by locating
Complementary accents to complete the motif is often a more difficult task.

The result often leaves homeowners with less than ideal options:
commitments that reflect what is available, rather than what is possible.

Enter LightWave Art, with its ability to give homeowners a new measure of design
flexibility and control. Although the company is located in the spectacular
Bitterroot Valley, its founding vision is global: applying laser engraving technology
to interior design, and creating an infinite number of designs previously unavailable

In practical terms, this means taking advantage of the laser’s ability to replicate any image.
scanned on your computer and applied to ordinary building elements: floors,
doors, windows, mirrors, walls, countertops, giving them an artistic and thematic look

For example, homeowners can choose living room furniture with a private individual
fabric, pattern and colors, and then use laser engraving to create your own
decorative tiles to match the furniture. This artistic theme, once defined,
could be extended to anything else, maybe a custom marble mural that accentuates a
adjacent fireplace, or something more subtle, like laser-bonded images adorning the
corner of cabinet doors or mirrors

To give homeowners even more options for their ideal entryway, kitchen, den, or bathroom,
LightWave Art developed a new technology that permanently records images on
color: color pigments that adhere with laser to wood, tile, stone or even difficult surfaces
such as marble, granite, limestone and glass, to match the color of a particular design
scheme. These colored images, as hard as the underlying material, suitable for
outdoor, designed for foot traffic, as well as fade and stain resistant, creates the
potential for design vision to become reality, without compromise.

The bottom line is this: a homeowner’s chances of finding items like the front entrance
doors, cabinet doors, glass inserts, tile countertops, hardwood floors, marble
backsplashes and mirrored murals all with the same art theme are usually slim
to nobody. Once a given design compromises may be a thing of the past
with this new capability in an owner’s design toolbox.

Homeowners considering an interior design project can contact LightWave
Art, to see samples of your artwork attached in color and laser etched. (With new
concepts, seeing is believing often). Visiting the company in person provides a
opportunity to do this and enjoy the panoramic views of western Montana at the same time
weather. On the other hand, anyone who is ashamed to come across the bears and the mountain
lions that roam the LightWave Art property can visit them online at

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