A Muslim cannot deny the importance of praying or ‘Salat’ in his life; That makes prayer mats an important feature of all Muslim homes. They are ideal gifts for various occasions; They are not only helpful, but also have a spiritual implication. If you want to advise someone to be regular in their prayers, then choosing from a variety of prayer mats and introducing them to one will say it all. This is an ideal gift for children just turning seven years old. Your personal mat will make them proud of your possession and will motivate them to use it correctly.

When family or friends move to a new home, prayer mats may be the most appropriate gift. Praying for them will ensure that the family lives in peace and tranquility with the Grace of Allah. For those times, you can select rugs such as prayer mats that are woven in rich, dark colors; They may be a bit expensive, but the occasion demands generosity on your part.

Muslim pilgrims returning from Hajj or Umrah also distribute prayer mats along with other souvenirs from the Holy Land. They can buy them in the holy cities of Mecca or Medina, but that is an expensive process and then the weight limitations of air freight prevent them from carrying the gift for everyone. A viable solution is to buy as many prayer rugs as you need from your own hometown; they should only choose superior quality ones made in countries that supply the rest of the world.

If some friends or relatives, especially women, plan to meditate in seclusion, that is, to sit in ‘Aitakaf’ during the month of Ramadan, then again prayer mats will prove to be a useful and beneficial gift. Since Muslim women should only meditate at home, they can choose a secluded corner or room in the house, spread out their mats, and connect with Allah. They can recite the holy Quran while sitting there and when they are too tired they can even lie down and rest.

Prayer mats can be given to children and nephews going abroad to non-Muslim societies; there they might have to live in a locality without a nearby mosque. A rug-like rug will do well there as it will be durable and will last the entire stay of the individual. If you are unsure about the cleanliness of your room, you can spread the rug out and pray and then roll it up and put it in a corner when not in use.

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