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In Dubai, there are several free zones where entrepreneurs can set up their businesses. IFZA Dubai is one of the most dynamic and internationally focused free zones that optimizes the UAE’s strategic location and world-class infrastructure to provide personalized business setup solutions for international entrepreneurs.

IFZA’s multi-national team of business setup experts provides clients with a seamless process that can be completed in 3-4 working days. The company incorporation takes place under the legal structure of an LLC (limited liability company). No physical presence is required during this process, and the visas for entrepreneurs and their family members can be obtained quickly and efficiently.

The IFZA business setup service offers the flexibility to choose from a wide range of consultancy, trade and industry options. In addition, the LLC company structure allows entrepreneurs to separate their personal assets from those of their business, providing additional peace of mind and allowing them to open bank accounts without restriction. The free zone also has no minimum paid-up capital requirement, allowing investors to allocate their funds as they wish.

How Does IFZA Dubai Contribute to the Economy of Dubai?

This enables companies to be more flexible in their operations, including setting up e-commerce activities. Additionally, IFZA Dubai does not require annual audit reports, further reducing the administrative burden for businesses and saving them time and money.

The free zone is a major contributor to the economy of Dubai, with its world-class benefits helping bridge international investment into the region. In fact, the non-oil private sector of Dubai’s economy reached a five-month high in March and was supported by stronger increases in both job creation and inventories.

In the coming years, IFZA expects to further diversify its offerings and become a hub for new technologies such as AI and blockchain. This will help drive the growth of the free zone and support the UAE’s wider economic development ambitions.

IFZA is committed to supporting the UAE’s economic prosperity and global leadership through a holistic approach to business support, including fostering strategic partnerships, developing world-class infrastructure, and offering exceptional licensee support. The free zone is home to a wide range of multinational corporations and has a strong network of partnering organizations.

In the last few months, IFZA has continued to invest in building its community and supporting the wider business ecosystem in the UAE. IFZA has launched a series of initiatives, including the IFZA Academy, which is designed to help local companies improve their performance. It has also planted a number of mangrove saplings to create the first IFZA Mangrove Forest, and organized a fundraising event for Animals & Us shelter in Fujairah. The initiative is part of IFZA Cares, which aims to empower employees and Professional Partners to contribute to the social well-being of the communities they operate in. IFZA also encourages its community to engage with their local government bodies and the wider Dubai community. This includes participating in various volunteering programs and encouraging employees and their families to get involved. The company is also committed to environmental sustainability through its recycling and water conservation efforts.

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