Have you ever wondered what happens to display cases that are no longer needed at points of sale like Rite Aid, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, or CVS stores when they close their doors or are renovated? Most of the time they are placed in a garbage container to be relocated to local landfills. There are warehousing companies that renovate these display cases by acquiring store displays when a store is closing and selling them to other merchants. It is a win-win situation for both companies. Many large corporations can buy high-quality display cases, such as glass display cases, which are often very expensive, and make good use of recycled displays that would otherwise be thrown away and never used again.

Store inventory is constantly rotating at these big businesses, however, for the most part, there are some regular in-store product inventories including display cases and trophy cabinets. Most of these companies also carry new cabinets to complement the used cabinets in stock. Discount Showcases is a company that imports new retail display cases such as glass display cases and trophy display cases, as well as counter display cases and registration stands.

As a retail merchandising store with display cases and fixtures, some things to consider include:

Cash counters: record stands, display cabinets and counter displays, used records and safes.

Mannequins: clear plastic human body shapes, solid male and female clothing displays for glass showcases.

Jewelry Showcases: Countertop earring displays, luxury watch cabinets, necklace hangers, and jewelry packaging boxes.

Promotional showcases: posters and banners for sales, displays and cards.

Glass display cases: retail displays, glass display cases, full and half vision glass displays.

Often times, most of these display products can be purchased at used accessory retailers. Purchasing used glass trophy cases will allow a business owner to save valuable resources and allow a merchant to purchase more displays that they may not be able to buy if they purchase the same ready-to-use products.

Fortunately for many store owners, there are wholesale companies that specialize in used display cases of all kinds. Make a smart business decision and choose to buy direct from Disocunt Showcases and take advantage of affordable prices on glass display cases and retail display cases of all shapes and sizes because there is no need to pay more than you have to pay for quality display cases.

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