Tired of expensive games on multiple CDs that take forever to install? Give them a try – it only takes a few minutes to download and the download is free.

TwistyTracks (MumboJumbo)

TwistyTracks is an enchanting and whimsical game in which the player rotates sections of the track, linking a railway to collect treasures, including gems, coins, and treasure chests. The game has 2 different modes: Action-oriented Arcade and Realm Tour, where the player travels through five fantastic and unique realms while recovering a treasure that was scattered far away by a powerful whirlwind … Bonus levels full of treasures add another cool twist to How to Play. The style is whimsical and fun: colorful landscapes and eye-catching attractions abound, and the game radiates a playfulness that is downright contagious.

SnowballRun (SnowBallRun)

In SnowballRun you have to guide the penguin riding a snowball on a daring adventure through 75 levels full of fish to a frozen land. It sounds easy? Is not. You have to go up and down ramps, around curves and obstacles, and do jumps for an exhilarating challenge that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Of course, it is highly unlikely that you will master SnowballRun from the first try, but practice makes perfect.

BudRedhead (Space Ewe)

BudRedhead takes a page from classic side-scrolling games like Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s true that BudRedhead has a flimsy story and a hackneyed plot. But this simple little gem is fun and has the perfect setting. You make Bud jump and run through imaginatively crafted levels filled with treats to collect and enemies to avoid or eliminate. Defeat your enemies by using a nifty pair of anti-gravity shoes to bounce off them. However, some of the levels and obstacles are challenging to the point of frustration.

AlphaBall (Dekovir)

Alpha Ball is a fully 3D entry to the Arkanoid / Breakout genre, with simple controls and addictive gameplay. Each level has built-in functionality, fully 3D back and forth, with great graphics and effects. The app also features a new Suspend Game feature that allows you to exit a game and return to it later. The program has 100 levels, with random level matching.

Download links

TwitsyTracks: http://www.de chauffage / twistytracks.htm

SnowballRun: http://www.de chauffage / snowballrun.htm

BudRedhead: http://www.de chauffage / budredhead.htm

AlphaBall: http://www.de chauffage / alphaball.htm

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