My friend started taking olive leaf extract and was so tired that she slept for 2 days. She wonders if it’s some serious death symptoms from candida. She’s not sick at all, she’s just exhausted and has a weird, hazy headache. Since she started her candidiasis treatment, she has not had a headache in 3 months, except during the dying period. She recently cheated and ate some pasta and pita bread, so this may have made the little critters even bigger. Anyway, she has also been to an allergist and found out that she is allergic to red meat, pork, lamb, soy, nuts, and yeast.

Another friend of mine is also battling death symptoms. He has been absent from work due to illness since last Thursday (an entire week). He has taken the diflucan route, and the doctor dosed him at 100 mg per day for a month. She’s extremely small, so she had a pretty severe extinction reaction. She called the doctor’s office and was told that it is rare to have these severe symptoms, but after she told him how small she was, the doctor immediately told her to reduce the dose to half the child’s dose (50 mg ). Doctors tend to forget that doses should be based on weight, not years.

Regardless, she has had the same foggy headache, extreme exhaustion, and aches and pains in her joints and back. She should be working, but she feels worse than ever with her symptoms. They say it takes anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to get over this, depending on how bad the case is. I guess it was a bad case because it’s been a week and she still feels bad. Luckily for her, she dragged herself to work to talk to her manager and her human resources director. It’s a family business, and they just told her to get well, and since she’s been there for so long, when she comes back she’ll already have a place.

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