Protecting your own PC and devices from Internet security threats is not enough these days. You should also consider your children. You don’t want your smartphones and tablets to be hacked. The best way to protect everyone is with a solution like Bitdefender Family Pack. Provides protection against multi-layered ransomware on multiple devices with a single purchase. This powerful suite integrates a number of antivirus and antispyware functionalities and it doesn’t even cost that much.

Webcam protection is a new feature that keeps you and your family safe from prying eyes. The feature notifies you when applications try to access the camera and allows you to block unauthorized access. There is also a social media protection that prevents malicious links and threats through the most popular social media platforms. If a friend or family member unknowingly sends you or your children a malicious link, Bitdefender will treat it appropriately.

In Bitdefender Family Pack reviews, many users praise its performance. One of its most impressive features is its ability to prevent spam. It has a powerful anti-spam filter that always searches for and detects potential threats without affecting the use of your email. The personal firewall works efficiently to block attacks from the outside.

Parental control filters prevent your children from viewing unwanted websites. This feature also monitors your Facebook and smartphone accounts. The parent has the ability to block spam calls on any Android device. Protect your kids from any potential disturbing phone calls or SMS messages.

Quick Risk Checker searches for vulnerabilities and security holes with one click. Let BitDfender check your PC for outdated software that may be vulnerable to new threats. Such vulnerabilities could include missing security patches and insecure system configurations.

Bitdefender Family Pack Benefits

These are some of the more benefits of using Bitdefender Family Pack:

• It is easy to use and manage.

• Can be controlled remotely

• Has a low impact on the system

• Provides protection against loss or theft.

• Provides a personal firewall without much trouble.

• Anti-fraud protection offers

• Has a Safe Files feature that prevents unauthorized changes to important files

• Offers security updates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and direct access to the support team

• You can shop and bank online safely and securely

This product covers all your iOS, Mac OS, Windows and Android needs. It offers not only protection, but also performance and security enhancement.

Bitdefender Family Pack is available with one, two, and three year subscriptions. If you need to protect more than three devices / PCs, you cannot ask for a better product than this.

Not only can you get all this family protection with a single purchase, but you can also get it at an affordable price using a Bitdefender Family Pack coupon or promotional code. Review various Bitdefender product offerings and find out how you can save.

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