If you thought your iMac data is safe behind a Windows password or iMac lock, you should reconsider. Because unless you change the default, anyone can start their iMac using a floppy disk or even a CD-ROM and roam through its folders and files like a Tomb Raider. You don’t want to have those nightmares, right?

To keep your files safe, you must protect the iMac password and have it start up with authorization. This means that no one has backdoor access to their iMac through a floppy drive or a CD drive.

You may want to take a look at the machine’s setup menu to see the security settings, including the user password. Then, when prompted, simply enter the password of your choice; There’s a caveat here: resetting the startup password is a no-brainer in itself, so pick and type, but carefully.

Again, note that some machines will allow you to add the setup password to contain any unauthorized access to the setup program as well, check your motherboard manual to double-check if the feature is available on your machine.

Most system motherboards have a switch or jumper to reset the startup password should the need arise. In this case, turn off the system and disconnect the plug, open the system case, and replace the jumper; be careful to ground before doing this job.

However, in case the bridge is not configured with the password, you may need to look for that switch that will reset your installation program; implies that you will clear the startup password and clear other settings as well.

All of these efforts have one main goal: to maintain the security of the system; your iMac in the wrong hands. Despite this, having the startup password disabled is not a big deal and it is not that difficult to remove the hard drive, record all files and folders, and replace them without signs of tampering as well. So how do you keep intruders out of your expensive iMac? Locks that come in the $ 30 range will be effective for simple systems and not an iMac. The lock made for iMac will serve that purpose; G5 custom locks or Apple MacPro locks do. There are advanced physical security devices, including iMac board lock devices, which are barely visible but offer very good computer security.

IMac locks may not be cheap computer security devices, but instead of having to endure lost revenue from computer vandalism and prevent the company’s reputation from being ruined and investing in administrative costs for post-repair repairs Vandal attack, it makes sense to invest in the iMac locks and secures. There are some products that also offer iMac insurance with the purchase of the iMac lock, just do your due diligence and you will be at peace.

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