Rhythm is the key for things to run smoothly in our home. As a homeschool mom who also runs a business from home, having balance and rhythm these days helps make anything possible.

Breathing for the day is an important thing to keep in mind when scheduling lessons or activities. What is this inhalation and exhalation? You are alternating between an external energy-producing activity and a calmer internal one. I try to keep this balance and when things get a little “one-sided” I can say that we need a change. I’ve given you a sample day so you can see what I mean.

8: am- Breakfast and morning routine … make the beds, brush teeth and hair and get dressed.

9: am- Morning walk. We try to do this every day, weather permitting. He takes us out into nature and expels the necessary energy before starting the main lesson. And the dog likes it too.

10: am- Circle and main lesson. Our circle begins with each girl lighting a beeswax candle. We say our opening verse, monthly verse, etc … We play the recorder, sing a seasonal song, toss balls working on the multiplication tables, then we close our circle and blow out the candles.

Snack: we rest to re-nourish ourselves (girls are always hungry!)

Main lesson: it lasts about an hour depending on what we are doing. Today, I tell a fable and we draw in our main lesson books to go along with the story. A squirrel hangs from the branch outside the window stealing birdseed from the feeder. We observe and observe. It starts to rain. We talked a bit about the seasons, preparing for my Seasons, Calendar and Time block.

Lunch: They run to play while I make lunch.

1-3: pm Work Time – This is a new part of our rhythm, dedicated work time for Mom. I have hired a college student to come 2 days a week. Today is the first day and it is going very well! I do so many things without interruption that I can’t believe it. This frees me to focus on work now and be present with my daughters the rest of the day.

3:00 pm: Back Together – This is our afternoon inhalation activity. Sometimes we paint, or maybe we run errands. Today is the time to bake. We sift and mix and talk about measurements. While the cake is baking, we knit. I read a chapter of their favorite current book and everyone takes turns reading their books. The cake is ready and Dad comes home. They are playing again while Mom and Dad catch up on our days and start dinner.

6:30 to 8:00 p.m. M .: Dinner and bedtime: I like to eat before 6:30 so that there is time for the family. We play cards, games, or go for a walk. It’s a great time to connect everyone together after a busy day.

The bedtime ritual begins; PJ’s, snack and history. The girls are still in bed at 7: 30-8pm most nights. They sleep a lot and well. Then I have free time to read a book, work more, or watch a movie with my husband. Raising twins, I needed this night’s rest. I highly recommend it!

By having that in-and-out rhythm, you break up large portions of sitting for hours or running and playing so long that they won’t relax again. It helps me as a mom to connect with them for a while, then I have some time to do what I have to do. Then we get back together and repeat. 2 days a week we have music / library lessons and homeschool cooperative in the afternoons, but the remaining days I try to be home to keep my balance.

I hope this look at our life has brought you some inspiration and knowing that you can find the rhythm that suits your own family.

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